We know that the right shade can bring out the best in a client’s features, and cool tones are often the answer. Keeping those shades true to tone is another story. While a good toner goes a long way in the chair, we know that at-home care is key. Natural undertones and environmental factors can make it difficult to keep our blondes, grey, and silvers cool.

Our best-selling Silver Shine products are known for keeping the brass out of cool blonde tones. But popular ultra icy platinum and silver shades require a little something extra. Our new Icy Blond shampoo & conditioner deposits violet pigment to counteract yellow tones in the hair with specific black pigment to create the delicate cool ash tones.

Icy Blond shampoo & conditioner imbues milk_shake®’s signature decadent, sensorial  experience. A dramatic galactic black color combines with a delicious grape scent to delight your guests – at the shampoo bowl, and beyond

When can I use Icy Blond?

This powerful new shampoo and conditioner can be used both pre and post toning. It counter acts brassy tones and infuses clients’ hair with vital nutrients during the lightening process. When used after a lightening service, this black shampoo deposits a slight pigment, to provide an ideal base color for silvers, grey, platinum, and metallics. When used after lightening services, the pigments work to prolong toning effects, while counter acting brass.

Please Note: Clients should be advised that the effects of Icy Blond are intense, and the longer the product sits on hair —especially porous hair— the more intense the color effect will be. Generally, after a pre or post toning service application, Icy Blond shampoo and conditioner can be alternated with other, non-pigmented milk_shake haircare products.  

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